Cryptocurrency Village Defcon 2021


Click the date to see the events happening in the Cryptocurrency Village. The Cryptocurrency Village is built around conversations and events, not formal talks. Stop by any time to speak with knowledgeable individuals! This village focuses on the security and privacy side of cryptocurrencies, not the investment side.

All Day

Cryptocurrency Village Office Hours!

Join us for our most informal day while we set up the village! We plan to have the door open to answer questions about all cryptocurrency topics. Stop by and say hello! We have no formal talks or events on Thursday.


Storj: Getting Started with Decentralized Object Storage

Storj Team

Join Storj for this brief demo. The team will be available most other times in the village to answer questions.


CANCELLED: Secret Network: Privacy on Public Blockchains with SGX

CANCELLED: Secret Network Team

CANCELLED: Bringing privacy to smart contracts by leveraging intel SGX to compute over data without node operators seeing the underlying information.


Hardware Wallet Show and Tell

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Michael will show off a variety of village badges and hardware. Michael will also be available at other times in the village for various other hardware activities.


State of Cryptocurrency Ransomware AMA

Guillermo Christensen

Guillermo will give an overview of the state of cryptocurrencies and ransomware, focusing on what he hears in the national security/law Enforcment sector plus incident response and then work on what options are there for addressing the proliferation of ransomware tied to cryptocurrencies but avoiding some of the global solutions like banning.


What Is Zero Knowledge

Dr. Sarang Noether, Ph.D.

Lightning overview of the basics of zero knowledge proofs and transaction protocols, and how they relate (or don't) to each other. A Q&A session will follow.


Monero Scaling Opportunities and Challenges

Francisco Cabañas

This is a short 15 minute talk followed by an open Q&A session. We will cover the impact of technology, business models and protocols on payment ledgers starting with the advent of general purpose payment, credit and debit cards since the 1940’s followed by the advent of de centralized blockchain based ledgers such as Bitcoin (2009) and Monero (2014). The critical distinction between technological limitations and protocol / business model limitations and the impact of technological limitations at a given point in time on the development of protocols and business models. We will consider how various protocols and business models can compete with each other and in particular what the Monero scaling protocol has to tell us about the limitations of scaling in Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.



Dr. Sarang Noether, Ph.D.

Sarang is giving a short 15 minute status update on Triptych. Q&A time follows.


Cryptocurrency Trivia!

Justin Ehrenhofer

Join us for cryptocurrency-themed trivia! Each player competes using their phone or computer on topics relating cryptocurrency news, lore, history, research, and development. This will be a super fun time!


Monero After Party

Monero Sound

Quick reminder for the Monero Party that will begin later that evening. Previous Monero parties have been so excellent that they made the news. Tickets available at


Internal Transfers in RAILGUN (Peer to Peer Sends without leaking identity, amounts, or token denomination - demo)

Railgun Team

RAILGUN is a smart contract system that allows users to make invisible, trustless transfers; and allows users to interact with any DeFi apps without revealing their Ethereum address, strategies, or balances.

Monero Research Lab

Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC)

The Invisible Internet Project (i2p)


Monero Party

Monero Talk

The Badge Clinic


Secret Network


The Cryptocurrency Village is conveniently located in Paris Champagne Ballroom 1.